You'll have a hard time finding a consensus for the true pound for pound best fighter in the UFC. It's been easier to hand the hypothetical crown to Anderson Silva than to truly debate the merits of other fighters, mostly because Silva has seemed so comfortable in the Octagon, and he's been successful moving up to 205 pounds (he's currently the unquestioned middleweight champion at 185-pounds). Many also include GSP, who has been as dominant as anyone can remember (including an early 2000 version of Matt Hughes) in the discussion, and you'd be remiss to not at least mention BJ Penn, king of the 155-pound heap.

But what of Lyoto Machida?

MMA blogs have been fawning over Machida since his comically-easy dismantling of former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans on Saturday night, and with good reason. Machida is now 15-0, the undefeated champion of the 205-pound division, and he's never even lost a round. How, exactly, can you take an entire base of fighters - all schooled in some combination of boxing/kickboxing/muy thai and wrestling/jiu jitsu/judo - and re-teach them everything they think about fighting styles? Machida's karate/BJJ base is awfully intimidating, and not just because he just showed how hard he can hit. It's confusing and different. Not since the karate kid has there been more momentum towards his chosen fighting style, which is interesting, because that might have been around the same time that fighters last trained in karate.

A fighter many wrote off as being too-unorthodox, too awkward, and not aggressive enough scored a savage win on Saturday, and now you've got to include him in whatever discussions  you have about the best in the sport.

Where do you rank the champions of all the divisions?

BJ Penn
Anderson Silva
Lyoto Machida
Brock Lesnar

Let me know in the comments below...