Measuring five feet wide and three feet tall, this is the biggest LCD TV on the mass market—big enough that you may need to knock down a wall. But watching your team battle it out on this bad boy may be worth it. Video gaming on a screen this big? Whooooaaaa... It’s also very bright. Wear-your-sunglasses-at-night bright (if you turn off the auto dimming feature). Why does bright matter? You can watch even if the sun is shining and your lights are on—no need to close the curtains while you check out that daytime Storage Wars marathon. There are no worries about reflection either; Sharp integrates a matte finish on the screen. Amazingly, Sharp delivers excellent picture quality on a screen 62% larger than a 55-inch LCD. HD viewing seems less like watching TV and more like looking out a window. The unit has Wi-Fi built in, and comes pre-installed with Netflix, Vudu and other streaming services. I’ve been using NetFlix over the built in Wi-Fi and find it easy and the picture quality exceptional. Connectivity? No problem: four HDMI inputs, one HD component, one composite and RCA jacks are all there. It even has an Ethernet jack if you are so inclined. The refresh rate is 120 Hz—fast enough to see the game without annoying motion lag or blurring. There’s a USB port for photo viewing and a 15-Pin VGA connector to hook up your PC or laptop. This TV has it all... except one thing. It’s not 3D. For me, this is no problem. I have not bought into wearing expensive sunglasses to watch movies and sports. I find the 3D feature on TVs pointless, and judging from the reports I’ve seen, I’m not alone. Sharp makes a sister model that is 3D, but be prepared to shell out an extra thousand dollars. Bottom line: 70 inches, less than $3,000, 'nuff said. For more information: