Hi, I am Roland (www.kickinger.com) and want to share with you my workout and nutrition program during my first action film in India. The title of the film is "Peeranmai" which means "Mighty Man". Meaning not only physical mighty but also mental and spiritual.)

The film is scheduled for 7 weeks and directed by S.P.Jhanananathan. This Tamil Film will be released worldwide.


Okay let's get to the fun part!

My preparation for the trip:

*)         Plenty of protein in form of Wild Salmon cans in water, Protein Powder, my Xenadrin RFA-X, Vitamins, Joint care, Fish oil, Protein bars, Almonds and Walnuts and last but not least lots of Mosquito repellent.

*)         Shooting Schedule: 6:30 am pick up from hotel (michaelsinnthekkady.com) until approx. 7:00pm

On my arrival 3 days ago I had a meeting with the chef regarding my daily meal plan:

Breakfast: 6:00am Oatmeal cooked in water, 10 egg whites and a fresh pineapple juice.  Supplements: Protein drink, Xenadrin, Fish caps, Multi Vitamin, Joint care.

Then I had the chef prepare until 8pm:  3 servings of: 8 oz grilled chicken breast, steamed mixed veggies, and oatmeal.  Then at 8pm I would have  grilled fish approx 8 oz. with steamed veggies.  Lots of water during the day.  By the way people here are extremely helpful and their hospitality is first class!

I will post again soon regarding my amazing condition and strength training without having access to a fitness facility.

Until soon,

Your friend in Fitness and Health,


Roland Kickinger