As far as creating a meaningful workout without having a gym there are several option.

Here is an example of my condition training for the entire body:

Since my pick up to the set location is at 7:00am I would get up at 4:00am.

I would take Nitro Tech  protein shake and my Xenadrin RFX immediately after getting up.

For warming up I would jog for 10 minutes.   Starting very slow and gradually increasing speed.  Then some light stretches.

Next, I would use the hotels staircase for my workout facility.  The hotel where I was staying had 8 floors with 10 stairs per floor.

Going up and down the staircase using a variety of techniques such as: deep lunges, one leg step up, squats on each step, backwards step down, push ups on stairs, and following with a duck walk on each stair.

After 30 minutes I would continue with my ab routine: sit ups side twist, sit up regular, lying leg raises, crunches and twists. 20 reps for each exercise.]

Lastly, I would stretch for about 20 minutes and conclude my workout.

This routine is quite effective and very demanding.  Have fun and enjoy the pleasure!!!

In health and fitness,
Roland Kickinger