Hopefully some of you gave the last “Train Like a Rower” a shot. The workouts are difficult, but they’ll give you a pretty clear picture of your fitness. If you’re not in shape, your times are going to reflect it. However, I can sympathize if sitting there in a world of hurt, alone, isn’t your thing. That’s why I thought I would toss a partner workout your way.

This one’s pretty straightforward. If you can wrangle together four people and two rowing machines—I recommend the Concept 2 Ergometers (ergs)—you can try what we call “The Tournament of the Thousands.” It works like this. Split your group up into teams of two, with each team manning one erg. Set each erg to 14,000 meters. The first person will complete 1,000 meters as fast as they can, then their partner will jump on for 1,000. Switch rowers every 1,000 meters. Each partner should complete 7,000 meters total by the time the workout is over. The team that finishes first wins. Enjoy!

If you want to up the ante, make a wager of it. The losing team has to push the other team's car a quarter mile up the road, then back. It’ll make you row a whole lot faster.

I rowed for three years at Ithaca College. Ithaca’s crew team has produced some nationally recognized rowers, both male and female. I wasn’t one of 'em, but I did all the same workouts. If you’ve got any questions, or want to try another practice, check me out on Twitter: @swd515.