Everything in front of him, the chance for a six-figure contract with the premier fighting organization on the planet, a spot on a major reality show on the line, and dude comes in fat.

Jason Guida looked a little doughy at the initial weigh in, before strapping on a garbage bag and knit hit and hitting the treadmill. Crazy footage of Guida's struggle to make weight including him spitting in a bucket, trying to make himself puke, and, deprived of all fluids, forcing his body through crazy cardio and calisthenics made to make him sweat out the last little bit of moisture in his body. Guida's muscles were cramping up so bad he was having involuntary spasms in his quads, writhing around on the locker room floor, covered in ice packs, desperately trying to numb his pain. Poor bastard.

Thing is, most of the fighters were unapologetic. One mentioned how he took a flight from Europe to the States and didn't eat or drink for the entire 15 hours to make sure he made weight. Guida should have been doing the same thing, he said.

To top it off, Guida had a mini-freak out when he was told that after cutting all that weight, he was still 207 pounds, two pounds over, and could not fight. He told off the guy from the state athletic commission, even as coach Frank Mir suggested to him that if he wanted a career in this sport, you shouldn't piss off someone from the athletic commission. Guida didn't listen, and now he's definitely kicking himself.

Just a hard situation to watch all the way around. Great debut to the show, though. Catch it on Spike, Wednesdays at 10 PM.