If you spent the weekend adjusting your hot routes and setting your custom audibles, you know, by now, that Madden 10 is definitely amongst one of the best sports games ever made. Visually, the graphics are stunning, and with much-needed tweaks to the  gameplay, it finally looks more like real football than video game football.

But if Mike Vick signing with the Eagles last week, or Favre re-unretiring (we should urban dictionary that word and get it tied to B. Favre), got you anxious to play with the Birds and Vikes, you're in luck. Today, the second roster update for Madden 10 is available for the PSN and XBox Live, and it's free, as are all the others that are sure to be released in coming weeks. It boasts a ton of changes, most notably the quarterback additions mentioned above. Some players have been re-ranked, others have had their positions on their respective depth charts adjusted.

In case you're curious, Vick is a 73 overall, Favre an 82.

For the full list of updates, click here.