All it takes is that one post...

Earlier this week, NYC Sheriffs Deputy, Miguel Pimental posted a photo of himself leaning against his cop car and it went viral. 

And it seems like women weren’t afraid to express their feelings through Instagram: 

"Excuse me while I commit a felony. I'm a bad girl, cuff me and take me to jail."

Not only is Pimental a cop but he’s also a bodybuilder (as if that isn’t already obvious). In 2013, he won the New Jersey State Championship for Amateur Bodybuilding and hits the gym, I would assume, quite frequently.  

Although he’s very flattered and humbled by the all the sudden attention, his girlfriend, according to AOL, isn’t too happy. But could we blame her?

"I'm at a loss for words. Thank you everyone for all the love and support! It’s a great feeling to be able to represent my Latin community and my DOMINICANOS in a positive light and will continue to do so!"

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