In an age where you can fit 128 gigs on a flash drive no bigger than your thumb, the makers for Forza Motorsport 4 thought it necessary to put the game on two discs--one for gameplay and the other devoted solely to bonus content. Forza 4 features 500 premium cars, including 90 entirely new ones, from more than 50 international manufacturers. It even has some cars that don’t exist like the the Warthog from Halo. But the best part, not to mention the most important part, is the gameplay, which, even for people jaded by first-person shooters that send you ducking for cover, is incredibly lifelike.


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Players have two options, you can go the boring route and drive with your Xbox 360 controller, or you can step up, literally, and use your Kinect sensor to whip around corners at 150+ MPH using your entire body. Diehards have the option of buying a racing wheel. With iconic courses such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Nuremburg Grand Prix circuit, you can take a speed demon's journey around the world. The only pitfall some novice gamers might encounter is that the realism means it has a steep learning curve. Rather than drifting into turns you take too aggressively like speed racer, you'll actually crash and burn.

Post-gaming session, the extra content adds an interesting touch for car lovers or anyone with an inquiring mind. If you own a Kinect you can actually take an interactive tour of 26 different cars. Peek under the hood, see the wheels up close and even step in and inspect the dashboard. Good news for anyone who can’t check out the $380,000 Gumpert Apollo S in person. Forza Motorsport 4 drops October 11th. You can check it out and buy it at Forza Motorsport.