Fashion supermodel Cara Delevingne has taken a big step into the movie world—and she’s not looking back.

After ascending to stardom as a model—yes, "the Delevingne brow" is officially a thing, ask your girlfriend—the London-born beauty has parlayed her onscreen charisma into movies like Anna Karenina, Pan, and Paper Towns. But thanks to her role in the mega-hit Suicide Squad, Delevigne has morphed from catwalk godess to bona-fide Hollywood mainstay. Exhibit A: Her next major role in the sci-fi action/adventure filmValerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, in which she stars as a special government operative trying to keep the peace in the universe. No big deal.

The trailer for the film shows off Delevingne looking great in a bikini on a tropical beach and decked out in a space suit while battling against the requisite bad guys. (Also: Dane DeHaan. And Rihanna! (She's appearing in the upcoming female-led Ocean’s 8.) It's not exactly her usual habitat of hanging out on the sidelines at a New York Knicks game—but it might even be a step up.

Here are some of Delevingne's most kickass looks.