What's Good
Air quality here is among the best of any city in our survey, according to EPA air quality standards.

Fast food, widely implicated as a contributor to obesity, is less common in El Paso than most places in our survey. In a per capita comparison there are 35 percent fewer fast-food joints here than average.

Texas has "snack tax" laws aimed at reducing obesity and improving nutrition.

Texas is one of 28 states that participate in a CDC-sponsored program to reduce obesity and other chronic diseases.

El Paso residents are 3 percent more likely than average to actually use their gym or health-club memberships, according to our comparison of membership trends and club use, including machine use, exercising with weights, cardio classes, yoga and martial arts, among others.

Donuts are 65 percent less popular here than average, according to a comparison of places where they are sold. El Paso has the 9th lowest number of donut outlets per capita in our survey.

What's Not
Texas state law limits or prohibits obesity-related lawsuits against food manufacturers and restaurants.

According to the CDC, 39.3 percent of adults here are heavy enough to increase their risk for weight-related health problems. That's the 3rd worst score of any city in our survey. Compare it to a national average of 36.09 percent.

Basketball courts are practically nonexistent here, among the fewest per capita in our survey. There's just one court here for every 9,634 residents; the national average is one court per 6,909 people.

Golfers are limited to 2 city-owned courses. Relative to population, that's less than almost anywhere else we surveyed.

There are 134 percent fewer tennis courts per capita here than average among cities in our survey.

El Paso residents are 92 percent less likely than average to go cross-country skiing. That's the 4th lowest rate in our survey.

Even table tennis doesn't get takers here - residents are 37 percent less likely than average to play table tennis - the 4th lowest rate in our survey.

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  • Fitness Centers & Sport Stores: D-
  • Nutrition: D+
  • Sports Participation: D-
  • TV Viewing: C+
  • Overweight/Sedentary: F+
  • Junk Food: A-
  • Air Quality: A-
  • Geography: C-
  • Commute: B+
  • Parks & Open Space: F+
  • City Rec Facilities: F
  • Access to Healthcare: F+
  • Motivation: B
  • Mayor & City Initiatives: C-
  • State Obesity Initiatives: B