• Fitness Centers & Sport Stores: C-
  • Nutrition: F+
  • Sports Participation: F+
  • TV Viewing: D
  • Overweight/Sedentary: D
  • Junk Food: B
  • Air Quality: B
  • Geography: C-
  • Commute: C+
  • Parks & Open Space: C
  • City Rec Facilities: D
  • Access to Healthcare: D+
  • Motivation: F+
  • Mayor & City Initiatives: B
  • State Obesity Initiatives: A-
  • What's Good
    North Carolina is one of 28 states that participate in a CDC-sponsored program to reduce obesity and other chronic diseases.

    Charlotte's park acreage per capita is 59 percent higher than average and the 8th highest in our survey. Research has found a connection between access to parks and green space and reduced obesity rates.

    What's Not
    According to the CDC, 28 percent of residents in the Charlotte area are clinically obese. The national average is 25.19 percent.

    The CDC says 45 percent of adults here get either 30 minutes of moderate exercise five or more days a week or 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three or more times per week. In the average city in our survey, 49.6 percent of adults exercise at these levels.

    Charlotte residents received a bottom score in fruit and vegetable consumption, with only 21 percent eating the recommended five or more servings per day.

    Charlotte residents participate in sports much less than average - 17 percent less than average, in fact.

    Charlotte lost points in our Motivation category for poor participation rates in running, biking and walking despite a relatively pleasant climate.

    Charlotte residents are 19 percent less likely than average to actually use their gym or health-club memberships, according to our comparison of membership trends and club use, including machine use, exercising with weights, cardio classes, yoga and martial arts, among others.

    Feel like hitting the public pool for a morning swim? Good luck finding one. Charlotte has one pool for every 67,159 residents - 52 percent fewer than average in our survey.

    Almost nobody in Charlotte participates in low-impact aerobic dancing; the participation rate here is the 4th lowest of any city in our survey.

    Charlotte residents are 17 percent less likely than average to participate in recreational swimming - the 4th lowest in our survey.

    Just 9.4 percent of Charlotte residents exercise on stationary cycles. That's 29 percent less than average and the 4th lowest rate in our survey.

    Charlotte locals are 53 percent less likely than average to burn calories on a ski machine - the 3rd lowest rate of any city in our survey.

    A mere 11.1 percent of Charlotte residents run or jog - 2nd lowest in our survey.

    Residents of Charlotte are 58 percent less likely than average to play racquetball, the 2nd lowest rate in our survey.

    Charlotte dwellers 67 percent less likely than average to play beach volleyball - the lowest participation rate in our survey.

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