• Fitness Centers & Sport Stores: A-
  • Nutrition: A-
  • Sports Participation: A-
  • TV Viewing: A
  • Overweight/Sedentary: A-
  • Junk Food: D
  • Air Quality: B
  • Geography: A-
  • Commute: C-
  • Parks & Open Space: A
  • City Rec Facilities: B-
  • Access to Healthcare: C+
  • Motivation: C+
  • Mayor & City Initiatives: C-
  • State Obesity Initiatives: F+
  • What's Good
    Oregon state law limits or prohibits obesity-related lawsuits against food manufacturers and restaurants.

    Portland has the 2nd highest participation rate for rowing machine use among cities in our survey.

    The CDC says 56 percent of adults here get either 30 minutes of moderate exercise five or more days a week or 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three or more times per week. In the average city in our survey, 49.6 percent of adults exercise at these levels.

    You'll find a higher percentage of mountain bikers in Portland than almost anywhere else in our survey - 3.8 percent of residents. The national average is 2.5 percent.

    According to Nielsen Media Research, TV viewers in the Portland television market spend 14 percent less time in front of the tube than average among cities in our survey.

    Health-food stores are plentiful in Portland: There's one for every 7,242 residents, handily beating the national average of one store per 12,118 people.

    Our survey has found 43 percent more sporting-goods stores in Portland than average, an indicator of an active populace.

    Portland residents participate in sports much more than average - 7 percent more than average, in fact.

    Residents don't have far to go to find a park: Portland has 294 municipal parks, among the most of any city on a per capita basis, according to our exclusive survey of municipal park departments.

    What Isn't
    Although other states participate in a CDC-sponsored program to reduce obesity and other chronic diseases, Oregon doesn't.

    Portland has 22 percent more pizza places per capita than the average among cities in our survey.

    Portland has the 2nd lowest cheerleading participation rate of any city in our survey, 79 percent lower than average.

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