• Fitness Centers & Sport Stores: B-
  • Nutrition: A
  • Sports Participation: B-
  • TV Viewing: C+
  • Overweight/Sedentary: A-
  • Junk Food: C+
  • Air Quality: B+
  • Geography: A
  • Commute: B-
  • Parks & Open Space: A-
  • City Rec Facilities: A
  • Access to Healthcare: D-
  • Motivation: D-
  • Mayor & City Initiatives: C+
  • State Obesity Initiatives: D+
  • What's Good
    According to the CDC, 21 percent of residents in the Honolulu area are clinically obese. The national average is 25.19 percent.

    Residents don't have far to go to find a park: Honolulu has 284 municipal parks, among the most of any city on a per capita basis, according to our exclusive survey of municipal park departments.

    Health-food stores are plentiful in Honolulu: There's one for every 4,525 residents, handily beating the national average of one store per 12,118 people.

    Honolulu has 42 percent fewer pizza places per capita than the average among cities in our survey.

    Basketball courts are practically everywhere here, among the highest number per capita in our survey. There's a court here for every 1,707 residents; the national average is one court per 6,909 people.

    There are 70 percent more tennis courts per capita here than average among cities in our survey.

    In a per capita comparison of public pools, Honolulu has one pool for every 17,884 residents - 60 percent more than average in our survey.

    Golfers can choose from 6 city-owned courses. Relative to population, that's more than almost anywhere else we surveyed.

    Our survey has found 93 percent more sporting-goods stores in Honolulu than average, an indicator of an active populace.

    What Isn't
    Although other states participate in a CDC-sponsored program to reduce obesity and other chronic diseases, Hawaii doesn't.

    Honolulu scored poorly in our Motivation category for weak participation in outdoor activities despite plenty of open space.

    Ice cream shops are 49 percent more popular in Honolulu than average.

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