You hear it all the time: Too much booze is bad for you. Not only can large quantities negatively affect muscle growth, slow down recovery, and throw off your diet, recent studies show that even moderate drinking might not be so healthy after all.

So for health-conscious, fit guys who are well aware of the ways that alcohol can set back their gains in the gym, cutting out booze should be simple, right? Wrong.

Recent studies show your desire to drink alcohol, or the inability to eliminate it from your lifestyle completely, may not be entirely your fault. In fact, there are a variety of surprising factors—from genetics to gender—that influence how likely you are to pick up a drink. Still, that doesn't mean you should use this information as an excuse to keep imbibing a little too much. Check yourself with these 6 signs you're overdoing it—and what to do about it, and adopt better habits so you can start drinking like an athlete.

Curious what might be stopping you from giving booze the boot? Check out these five recent studies to find out which predetermined factors make certain people more inclined to drink.