MF: So tell me about the album, Alter Ego?

Tyrese: It's a double album, one side is Black Ty and the other is Tyrese.

MF: Why would you feel the need to create a hip hop alter ego, Black Ty?

Tyrese: You heard it... All of the things I am discussing as a MC, I purposely never wanted to sing about it. I didn't want to sing about my experience in the hood, my upbringing. I didn't want to go into that musically as a singer, so Black Ty was my only outlet.

Everywhere I go I do a lot charity work, more than writing checks... I go to the hood and I talk to the kids and give them information on where I come from, but now I can finally put it into a song.

MF: How difficult is it to create an album with two persona's?

Tyrese: It wasn't hard at all, Tyrese is Tyrese. I got some incredible records on the R&B album, and in regards to Black Ty - it's a whole other person.

MF: Who are some of the people your alter ego's worked with?

Tyrese: On the hip hop side, we got Snoop on the album twice, Game, Mannie fresh, David Banner, Lil' Scrappy, Kurupt, Method Man and Too SHort. On the R&B side we got R. Kelly, Lil' Jon, the Underdogs, and Brian Michael Cox... it's a star studded event.

MF: As a fairly new rapper, was it tough hanging in with the veterans?

Tyrese: Nah...

MF: What about respect wise?

Tyrese: Let me tell you what Snoop said about me, "He really got it cracking to the point where it seems like it's out of his range... It seemed like it was something he was naturally born to do, and that's when I welcomed him to the game. Being the King of the west, he got my blessing as far as the rap style of it. Anybody that got a problem with Black Ty, come and see me."


MF: What's been the reception on places like myspace?

Tyrese: Incredible.

MF: Do you actually answer your own myspace messaging at this level?

Tyrese: Level, I am not on no level.

MF: You've been around for a while.

Tyrese: I got more time than you can imagine.

MF: I can't imagine your on myspace all day.

Tyrese: Man, I am on Google, AOL all day... I am just like you, as regular as they come.

MF: It's friday at 11 pm, what you doing?

Tyrese: I'm at the hotel, reading my emails... Or I may be at a club... Or I may be at the crib in my drawers watching cartoons... Regular shit.

MF: What's next after this album?

Tyrese: I got Transformers coming out on the July 4th, that I did with Steven Spielberg. The characters name is Epps.

MF: Is that a Deceptacon?

Tyrese: None of the humans in the movie are playing robots. I'm what they call a combat controller, my responsibility in the film is to communicate with the aircraft during various situations.

MF: What's the last acting job you didn't get?

Tyrese: I think the one that didn't get and it was my fault is the Antwone Fisher story.

I came to the audition unprepared. It was the most embarrassing moment of my acting career to be unprepared in front of Denzel Washington. He's the only reason I started acting, because of his performance in Hurricane.

MF: Did you talk to Denzel about the situation?

Tyrese: I've tried, I've met up with him a few times and every time I see him I just keep apologizing. It was one of the most painful moments of my life.

MF: What's your favorite curse word, and use it in a sentence...

Tyrese: My favorite word in Mother fucker... it's just something that makes it fly out there... I wish a motherfucker would.

MF: If we drug tested you right now, what would we find?

Tyrese: Nothing, I don't drink, smoke... I don't do shit. When I go to clubs I play drunk so I can fall on women.

MF: How do you keep fit?

Tyrese: I just try to get in as often as I can. It's whatever.