Buffalo David Bitton hoped to debut its new men's underwear collection during this year's Super Bowl with a sultry commercial starring Ashley Sky—"social media enthusiast," supermodel, and undeniable knockout. Sad to say, the commercial had been banned by nearly every major network for being reportedly too hot to handle. Fox banned the original version from airing during the Super Bowl because it was deemed too "risqué." NBC said it was "inappropriate to air" for the the premiere of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon due to "exposure of female breasts." However, a revised version did make its way onto TNT Network on Feb.16 for the NBA All-Star Game, but only after it was heavily censored. Needless to say, once you watch this one it's not hard to see why this commercial is the sexiest pariah out there.

We're not sure it's in good taste to just openly show this one on our site, but we have no qualms with pointing you in the right direction. Gentlemen, at your own risk, see what all the ruckus is about here>>>.