MF caught up with multi-platinum rapper T.I. while preparing for his upcoming album - KING.(In Stores March 28), to discuss his success and the debauchery of being a Lucky MF'er.

Men's Fitness: What makes T.I. so damn lucky?

T.I.: There ain't no luck, it's all blessings.

M.F.: It's a Friday night at 11pm, what are you doing?

T.I : WORKING! But on a day that I don't have to work? I would probably be working either in the studio, on a photo shoot, at a show/event, or doing an interview or something.

M.F.: If we drug tested you, what we find anything incriminating?

T.I.: Nothing! Because I'm on probation.

M.F.: Have you ever videotaped yourself having sex?

T.I: Umm hmm, you can't see it though.

Nah I'm joking. Yeah I have [videotaped myself.] But I think you're asking your own personal questions.

M.F.: No! This is strictly business.

T.I.: Well, yes I have video taped myself, and enjoyed watching it too.

M.F.: What's the quickest way a rapper can lose their street cred?

T.I. : Be FAKE or lie, like if all that sh*t you kickin' ain't true - then your lost.

M.F.: What questions are you tired of answering?

T.I.: Uh let me see (he pauses) Probally, questions about beef.

M.F.: Such as with rapper Lil' Flip?

T.I.: Yeah, because it's so dated.

M.F.: What do people who don't like you have to say about you?

T.I. I don't know - I wish they would say it to me.

M.F.: What's your favorite curse word, and can you use it in a sentence?

T.I. My favorite curse word? It's between, F*ck and P*ssy. I like both of those words. Like F*ck you, or F*ck it,or F*cking, yeah and I like p*ssy too, I even like to say it plural. Like p*ssies. Those are my favorite curse words.

M.F.: If you had a super power, what would it be, and what would you use it for, and would you use for good or evil?

T.I.: Superpower, well I know I would use it for good!

See you had me on some porno sh*t earlier, now you trying to be upstanding, asking me regular questions - so you taking me here and there, and here and there. Your're going to get an infusion in a minute.

But if I had to choose a super power, I think I would want to read minds.

M.F.: Read minds?

T.I: Yeah I think that would be cool. Nothing physical, just mental.

M.F.: So you wish you knew what I was thinking right now?

T.I: Yeaahh!