Talk about carrying your weight.

The Olympic men's +105 kg weightlifting competition—featuring some of the biggest, strongest men in the world—produced some absolutely Herculean moments on Tuesday, as Georgia's Lasha Talakhadze and Iran's Behdad Salimi went head-to-head in the snatch and the clean and jerk. And by the time the dust settled, world records had been broken and re-broken in an effort to claim the gold medal.

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Salimi, who was favored in the matchup, went into the competition with a 214kg snatch. Talakhadze, however, then set a new mark with an epic 215kg lift—only to once again cede the world record to Salimi, who reclaimed his title with an even more epic 216kg lift:

But while Salimi won the battle in the snatch, the underdog Talakhadze won the whole duel. While Salimi couldn't finish off his attempts in  the clean and jerk, Talakhadze completed a huge 258kg clean—568.793 pounds, which is more than most dudes can deadlift—for a combined 473kg. That titanic total earned Talakhadze the gold, leaving Gor Minasyan of Armenia with silver and Georgia's Irakli Turmanidze with bronze.

Watch the record lifts here via NBC.

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