How has being cast on the The N's Best Years changed your life?

I've always been a happy person but I guess you could say, I'm a little happier now. It's made me a better actor. I've gotten to do cool stuff on the show. We had a cool basketball segment where I got to test out my basketball skills which were a bit rusty i have to admit but by the end of the day were pretty decent.

Has being a working actor and being recognized for your work changed how women treat you?

It's not much different. Yeah, people recognize me more and that's where it ends. I think they say, 'That's the guy from that show,' and then they walk away. They're like, 'gimme my 20 bucks' to their friends as they walk away.

So it hasn't necessarily helped your game?

Not so much. The weird thing is I catch people staring at me. I am thinking, do I have something on my face, or is it the show? Is it my fly down or did you see a movie with me in it last night? People should say something. Just staring creepy.

How do you stay in shape? What is your workout routine?

I run a lot. I try to run any where from 50-60km a week. I am a soccer player as well. (He played in college at SUNY-Albany)  I try to play 2 or 3 games a week. I don't like to lift weight s too much. It doesn't make me look the way I want to look. Running keeps me fit and lean and they way I want to look.

Having steady work now in the acting world must be great for your confidence, how have you changed for the better?

I guess I am not as frightened about things as I was in college. Things that i want to do, i just do them. I don't worry what people say or their opinions. I'm very about completing tasks. I have things that I need to complete now, and before I procrastinated and wondered if I was capable. Now I don't have those feelings as much. If I worry, I worry later what people think. I have grown with confidence and am more self-driven. I'm not worried about negative things around me.

What are you up to next?

I just finished a movie for the Sci-fi Channel called "Snow Demon" and now I'm doing a National Lampoon movie called "Ratko." It's nice to do a comedy again. It's been two years since I've done comedy.

Who would you like to work with one day?

I would really like to work with Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. I just think they are both very consistent and they both seem that they really enjoy what they do and are not concerned with the other stuff Hollywood offers. I would do whatever they are doing next.

Being Canadian, in Hollywood do you get a little camaraderie from fellow Canadians?

A little bit. There is a sense of we kind of had to go with the same screening process. It's just a different industry set up. There isn't as much going on there as there is in LA so you have to work your way up through the ranks there first. There is a little bit of a brotherhood or sisterhood -  you know, humanhood.

When shows like South Park and the Simpsons or movies joke about Canadians do you get it? Do you find it funny?

I think that's hilarious. The more fun that you make fun of yourself the better you are yourself.

The N's Best Years premiere on Friday, June 29