MF: So let's talk about your album, Undiscovered. Who are your influences?

Hogan: Well my mom raised me on that 80sm style - not 80s, 70s - the funky stuff. She raised me on the Isley Bros. And Earth Wind & Fire, and Stevie Wonder and all this stuff. You know, that's what I was raised on, and it's funny because a lot of people are like, Brooke, you're this blonde white girl, how come you're doing all this R&B stuff? Like it's so stupid, blah blah blah. But I'm like, you have no idea, this is what I was raised on.

MF: No I mean, it sounds great, it doesn't sound like you're reaching at all with the genre. If you could work with anyone, who would you want to work with? Your dream collaboration -

Hogan: Probably, Stevie Wonder. He is like, oh my gosh, be all - end all with me. I actually met him one time and just I started breaking down crying. So Stevie Wonder, big part.

MF: You have this VH-1 show Hogan Knows Best, Are the camera's going now?

Hogan: No actually, I'm alone. No cameras.

MF: Is that kind of rare?

Hogan: Yeah that is rare, actually. We just finished filming the third season and we get little breaks. I'm like, "oh my gosh, thank you!"

MF: I'm real curious what it's like to be followed around by a team of cameras. What's that like?

Hogan: It's nuts, because I'm always thinking like, can they see that zit that I grew this morning, and like, you know, am I standing underneath a bright light that's making my zits show, am I saying the wrong stuff, am I going to look like an idiot on camera? It's like, you never know, you know?

MF: So, have they ever caught anything that you, or maybe your dad had to go back and say, "you can't air that, or something like that?"

Hogan: Um, probably just, you know, I was getting dressed in my room and one of the cameras walked in on accident, and caught me nude. They weren't planning on using it but we just made sure, you know, nothing came out. (laughs)

MF: So there's no way that your dad is this overprotective, is he?

Hogan: He actually is, but he's lightened up a little bit since I've turned 18. Which is like, so great, because you know, I was starting to go nuts. But he was like, the day that I turned 18 he was like, I want you to know that I'm a really cool guy. You don't have to worry about me being so over-protective. So I was like, really? That's cool.

MF: So what do you look for in a guy? Does he have to be, kind of, super masculine, does he have to stand up to your dad, you know? Or, do you like a shyer type of guy, or what do you look for?

Hogan: You know what, it's funny, because a lot of people are like, oh man, hey Dad's going to probably make her marry like somebody like as strong as him and as great as him, and you know what? I'm just looking for a guy that can make me laugh, and, you know, be sweet to me, and not be jaded, you know, star struck by the business and everything.

MF: What's some of the weirdest stuff that guys have done to get your attention, to get you to go out?

Hogan: Write me letters! They think that it's like a really sweet, romantic thing, like, that I'll be turned on by it, this romantic letter, but really it's like crazy. You know they talk about, like, when I lay with you in the rose petals and stuff, and I'm like, wait a second! Hold up.

MF: So I imagine that guys are intimidated by your dad?

Hogan: Yeah, I mean, if they aren't intimidated by my dad they're definitely intimidated by me. (Laughs) I put the fear of God in guys. You know, if they break my heart, they're in for it.

We aren't that crazy. You know, guys just come and go you just gotta realize that you're 18 years old, you're going to date a lot of people. You know, hopefully in the end you end up with the right person, so…

MF: Absolutely. What's the most embarrassing thing your dad has ever done to protect you.

Hogan: Not to protect me, but I can tell you the most embarrassing thing my dad's done. Well first it would probably be the tracking device, to protect me.

MF: That was real?

Hogan: That was definitely real. You know I found out about that when I watched the episode and I was a little bit peeved.

MF: So you're watching it, and you're with your family, and that's how he told you?

Hogan: Yeah, we were just watching, and I was like, is there still one in my car, or was that just for the show. And he goes, no there's still one in there. I was like, "Oh, my God."

But yeah, that was probably the most embarrassing thing he's done to protect me but as far as just embarrassing, he flew a banner over Scott Storch. Like we went out on Scott Storch's boat, and he flew a banner over the boat.


MF: What did the banner say?

Hogan: It said, "Sign my daughter." So I was like, oh my gosh, desperate? A little bit?

MF: Well I mean, he did, so that had to help you out a little bit, right?

Hogan: He did, but I think he was already going to before my dad did that. That just kind of made it embarrassing. I was like, dad, just leave well enough alone.

MF: I read something, and I don't know if this is true or not, but I read that you were hanging out with Aaron Carter one time, and your dad just couldn't deal with it and threw him down because he was kind of being, you know, obnoxious or whatever. Is that true?

Hogan: Yeah, it is true. Aaron Carter, you know, I met him when I was 16. This is before he was mischievous Aaron Carter.

The thing is he's got a really good heart, he's a really really good kid when you meet him and stuff. You know, he gets lead on the wrong path sometimes. You know, long story short, he was sitting around, we were having a fun time, but my dad sees through people faster than I can and he kicked him out.

MF: Do you have any aspirations to get into pro wrestling?

Hogan: No, no, no, not at all, no.

MF: I saw you did that little thing with Randy Orton for Summerslam.

Hogan: I actually came up to say thank you to all the wrestling fans for supporting me, you know, because the Hulkamaniacs have become Brooke-a-maniacs. I just wanted to tell them thank you. You know out of nowhere this Randy Orton guy started hitting on me backstage, you know it was a big mess.

MF: So did he really start hitting on you and then you guys wrote it in?

Hogan: No we didn't write it in, it actually happened. He came out in the middle of me trying to thank the people. I guess he was just trying to egg my dad on, maybe trying to start a wrestling match with Hulk Hogan, or whatever his deal was, you know?

MF: You had all these wrestlers running around when you were little. I read in an interview you had uncle Randy, uncle Beefcake, right?

Hogan: Yeah, yeah.

MF: Do you miss that, do you still see any of the guys from the business?

Hogan: I'm just so into my music right now I don't really, you know, see them anymore but it was cool when I was little. You know, I'd brush Macho Man's messy mane of hair, you know when my parents went out to dinner Brian Knobbs would babysit us. It's like any other family - the people that you work with are your friends, and you know, your friends sometimes baby sit your kids and stuff, and that's just how it happened they just happened to be wrestlers.

MF: It sounds so normal saying it like that, but to tell anyone else that Macho Man Randy Savage was my babysitter would seem kind of strange. But I think it's just normal when you get used to it. If you could be a wrestler, what would your finishing move be? What would you call it and what would you do?

Hogan: It would be the Brooke Bombshell and I would just, probably, I don't know! Blow magic fairy girlie dust in their face and they'd fall down. Just put on the sex appeal and they'll fall down.

MF: What's your favorite part of a guy's body.

Hogan: Mmmm, the abs. You know how like the cuts from the abs go down into like their groin, that's like, ugh. That's all girls weakness though.

Like the hip flexor muscles or whatever those are. They're so fabulous. And arms. They have to have a good arms and back, you know?

MF: Does your dad's idea of your ideal guy differ from yours, or are you guys on the same page.

Hogan: My dad wants me to date, you know, like, a big tall strong, blond guy, and you know it doesn't really matter the looks but I think he'd love to see me with my physical match - like a big tall strong blond person.

MF: You're 5'11", right?

Hogan: I'm 5'11" so he pictures me with the big tall good looking prince of a guy. But it's just whoever makes me happy, and I think at the end of the day he just wants me to be happy no matter who I'm with.

MF: Who's your celebrity crush?

Hogan: Celebrity crush would probably either be Randy Orton, because I think he's really hot, or it would probably have to be - probably Vincent LeCavilier.

MF: I don't even know who that is.

Hogan: From the Tampa Bay Lightning, he's a hockey player.

MF: Oh, ok. You a big sports fan?

Hogan: Yeah, I like sports. I'm not really into a ton of names except for the ones that are cute, you know, but I don't always understand the game, but I try. It's just fun to watch and go to.


Brooke Hogan's Undiscovered is in stores now