Winter Soldier, meet the Black Panther. 

The debut of Chadwick Boseman’s hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most anticipated parts of the upcoming Civil War film, and this clip above shows why. The prince of Wakanda and Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), face off on a rooftop—and from the look of it, Barnes's metal arm is no match for the Black Panther.

Barnes narrowly misses getting clawed by Boseman’s Panther—who simply looks badass in his vibranium armor—leaving Captain America (Chris Evans) to join the fray to help his friend out. Boseman’s superhero outfit comes fully equipped with claws and a ferocious looking helmet—making him one of the coolest “cats” in the MCU:

The fight looks to be the end of the scene that has been heavily advertised in the trailers—which has Black Panther chasing down the Winter Soldier as Captain America trails behind them.

If the clips are any indication, Black Panther is going to kick some serious tail in this film.

Captain America: Civil War will be released May 7, 2016.