This month, R&B vixen Ciara takes her goodies to the small screen for a role as a high school volleyball player in the MTV film All You've Got. To get her ready for the transition, we served over a few key questions.

MF: Have you ever used a pickup line on a guy?

Ciara: Nooo. [Laughs] Never.

MF: But you must hear plenty. What's the weirdest?

Ciara: I know whenever I tell guys I'm trying to focus on something, they'll say, "We can be focused together." And I'm like, "No, I'm trying to focus on my thing." That's a cheesy one, but I hear all kinds of stuff.

MF: How do you feel about the ubiquitous "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

Ciara: That one's a little crazy. Unless I actually know you from somewhere, it seems people say that just to say it, as opposed to being real about it.

MF: So what's the proper way to make an approach when you see someone you're interested in spending the night with?

Ciara: You know, just be you. Be respectful. And don't scream. Where I'm from, guys will see you and go "Whoo-hoo," and they shout at you. That's one thing you definitely shouldn't do.

MF: Are you a fitness chick? Do you like working out and exercising?

Ciara: I try to maintain. I get as much cardio as possible, at least 45 minutes to an hour a day. And, luckily, I do a ton of dancing in my show, so that helps, too. I also try to watch when I eat my carbs. I try to get them in early, instead of eating them all day. Food is one thing that I love. At times, it can be your best friend. But in the end, it's all about balance.

MF: You're an amazing dancer - how important is dancing ability when you're looking for a potential mate? Do they have to be able to keep up, or is it OK if they have two left feet?

Ciara: It's cool if you can dance, but being able to dance is not a requirement in order to date me. You just need to be able to nod your head or clap your hands on the right beat.

MF: OK, so a guy doesn't have to be able to dance, but what about appearance? Does he need to be ripped in order to have a chance with you?

Ciara: You know, I think you should have it together. You don't have to be humongous; I like smaller guys who are toned. And when I say small, I'm talking about their frame. If you try to turn your neck and you have to move your entire body, that's too much for me. [Laughs]