Some feel that New York is all hustle and bustle, while LA is it's easygoing alternative. Ethan Erickson isn't one of those people. In fact, throughout his career, he's welcomed pain of hard work, and has found plenty of different ways to make it happen. The 26-year old star of MyNetwork TV's Fashion House (and also the voice of Southwest Airlines) sat down with us to explain how he does it.

MEN'S FITNESS: Firstly, I'd like to ask, how was the transition from working on a soap opera to appearing on television dramas? Do you fancy any one over the other?

ETHAN ERICKSON: You know, it was a great kind of first big gig for me, working on a soap opera [Guiding Light]. Great place to train and certainly living in New York with gainful employment is my idea of a dream come true, so it was a great experience in that way. I was ready to move on after it; just figured I wanted to try more within the prime-time sense of things. They're a little bit of a different animal; different genres, different expectations. But I certainly prefer primetime over daytime.

MF: Describe your character on Fashion House, John Cotter.

EE: John Cotter is your basic, cheesy LA scumbag. It's kind of fun because he's a guy I made fun of for many years living in this town. He's convinced that he's God's gift to women, although they don't feel that way. But the best part about this character that I thought was rather fun to play, and that I wish I had a little bit of in myself, is that nothing can deter him.

MF: How is working with Bo Derek?

EE: Very cool! She's a real pro and a real nice person. I liked working with her because we have similar styles of preparation; we both really like to read over our scenes a few times before we go to camera. It kind of worked out ahead of time.

MF: What has been the most rewarding aspect of working on Fashion House?

EE: Actually, I really liked the people! I hanged out with the crew more than I did with the cast, which speaks to what a collaborative effort this project was and I felt more of a team effort than other projects I've worked on. Being in San Diego was quite nice also.

MF: I've read that for Fashion House, you're shooting all 65 episodes for the season in three months and most of your days are 18 hours long. Does it ever become overwhelming? If so, how do you deal with it?

EE: Good question! A year for a typical television show is 13 or 22 episodes, at best! We did roughly three years worth of work in three months! So, it was really manic, it was definitely overwhelming just keeping the storyline straight and keeping the sort of the arc of one's character in place was just crazy.

MF: How do you find downtime with your schedule? What do you do to relax?

EE: One of my goals this year, it sounds weird, was actually to be less busy than I was last year, and I think I succeeded, I'm not exactly sure [laughs]. In addition to doing a bunch of acting, I do voiceovers: I'm the voice of Southwest Airlines, and that's a big account with weekly work. I occasionally do some commercial projects and just started my own production company and that's picking up, it's sort of my labor of love. Here we are 6:30pm and I'm about to go to start my day with my producing partner. I guess I relax by leaving on the weekends. Just about every weekend I leave LA.

MF: What's next for Ethan Erickson? Any projects in the works?

EE: Well my appearance on CSI: Miami is airing the 27th of November, I have some producing projects coming up that are reality based as well as a feature film that I'm working on [producing], I won't be in front of the camera at all. Exciting stuff!

Fashion House airs daily at 9pmEST.
Check out Ethan on CSI: Miami on CBS.