MF: How do you feel about turning 50?

Denzel Washington: I am actually 52 in December. Getting fit is a lifestyle. Turning 50, I realized this is not a dress rehearsal. I was already sorta in that mindset before, but it really hit home, to enjoy every day and lead a good, healthy life...keep things simple.

MF: You seem to get women of all ages weak in the knees! People magazine considers you a sex symbol. Do you consider yourself one!?

DW: I don't know anything about that!

MF: What was it like to work with Paula Pattan?

DW: She's a lovely girl. She has a lot of energy! Very sweet. She has that quality -- you want to take care of her.

MF: How do you account for that chemistry between the two of you? It's not always the case.

DW: Am glad that shows. You know if you like a person but u don't know how it is all going to come together. The love story really evolves onscreen, when I am watching her in her life. The camera sure likes her that's for sure!

MF: Do you believe in Deja Vu?

DW: I had that experience today. I had a feeling someone was going to drive by. A white truck came by, and it's Eddie Murphy! I had a feeling I was going to see someone so not 10 seconds later there he was! He gave me the whole scoop on Dreamgirls!

MF: Does it ever feel like it's one movie too many?!

DW: Definitely, which is what was so great to meet Paula. It's all fresh and new for her and you realize you need to be thankful for what you have.

MF: Do you have a favorite film of yours?

DW: I don't look back. What for? Maybe to reminisce? When I'm older. I'm not interested in sitting around and thinking about the past.

MF: What do you think of the whole time-space travel thing?

DW: I had to be convinced this movie could work. But then when I thought more about surveillance, and what it's capable of, it really fascinated me. We have a lot more technology now than ever before. And now, by gathering your genetic information, they can spot your house from miles away. With the London train bombing, they solved the crime by using these surveillance cameras--so who knows what the future will bring with all of this.

MF: Do you believe in romantic destiny?

DW: Yes, why not? It didn't happen for me, but why not?!

MF: So what does a sexy agent have to do to train for his role?

DW: Sexy training! We could start a couple of gyms out there, Sexy Gyms! But definitely not eat in New Orleans, which is where we shot! Oh man! There's no such thing as health food there! Though they do have a Whole Foods market. I remember going to one place, and asking for a clean piece of fish. And they said, oh, we are going to clean the fish for you! And add just a little butter! But I try to watch what I eat and I spend a lot of time in the gym.

MF: How would you describe your personality? You are funny, why don't you do more comedy?

DW: What you see, is what you get! I think it's coming up of me, and people laugh at my jokes, so you never know what movie I'll do in the future.