It seems so obvious, but know your league’s rules. Guys like Steve Smith and Torry Holt have much more value if you’re getting a point per reception—especially Holt, who’s averaged 94 catches in the last seven years.

Check to see how much quarterbacks get dinged for turnovers. The value of guys like Eli Manning (below) increases if you’re not in a league that docks you two points for a fumble and a point for an interception.

You don’t want to be that guy taking the Baltimore or Chicago defenses in the seventh or eighth round. You can find the right defensive matchup weekly through the waiver wire. Last year, you could plug anyone against the Raiders offense and you had a big day virtually every week.

Get your running backs’ backups. Generally, the system plays a large part for guys who are performing at a high level. In Denver, Travis Henry’s going to be the guy, but Mike Bell still holds tremendous fantasy value. The perfect example is the Kansas City Chiefs in ’05. If you had Priest Holmes and didn’t come back for Larry Johnson, someone else walked away with 20 touchdowns.

Movers And Shakers
Mike Harmon’s Top-10 off-season movers expected to impact fantasy players.

1.  Willis McGahee, BAL
2. Travis Henry, DEN
3. Ahman Green, HOU
4. Thomas Jones, NYJ
5. Randy Moss, NE
6. Jamal Lewis, CLE
7. Darrell Jackson, SF
8. Donte Stallworth, NE
9. Tatum Bell, DET
10. Reuben Droughns, NYG