Morning, gents. Here's the latest in cool stuff around the Interwebs for Monday, October 1, 2015:

Whose Fists Are the Fastest?: None other than Mike Tyson appears in the latest trailer for Ip Man 3, the latest installment of the martial arts classic starring Donnie Yen.

On Your Netflix Roster: Batman Begins and a bunch of other movies/shows/entertainment options hit Netflix this month. (Let's be honest, though you're just gonna watch Batman Begins the whole time.) [Yahoo!]

"With Sweeteners": Coca-Cola-owned Vitamin Water has agreed to stop using healthy-sounding words like "focus" and "endurance" on its product labeling, and to add the phrase "with sweeteners," as part of a legal settlement with the Center for Science in the Public Interest. (The non-diet version is still packed with sugar, though.) [Ad Age]

"What Movie?": Remember that report from a British tabloid about a Game of Thrones movie happening? George R. R. Martin denied it, shooting it down as "nonsense" in a post on his personal blog.

Hold the Phone: On the same day that Google unveiled two new phones and a new Android operating system, Microsoft accidentally revealed the specs for the upcoming Lumia 950 and 950XL in an online post. No prices yet, though. [The Verge]

Vote for Men's Fitness: The voting is open for Adweek's annual Hot List, and we're in the category for Hottest Men's Fitness Magazine (duh). Show a little love, dudes. [AdWeek]

WHY ARE YOU BREAKING MY KAYAK: Let this be a reminder that bears do not understand English. They do however, understand pepper spray and the spiteful glee of mauling your sole method of transportation in the Alaskan wilderness.