Morning, dudes. Here's the latest in some cool stuff from around the web (and our very own site) to kick off your weekend right on this Friday, Oct. 9:

Drunk Eats, Sober Cravings: A third of vegetarians eat meat when they're drunk, according to a (probably non-scientific) survey from some random U.K. website. Their most popular cheat meal? Kebab meat, followed by burgers and—duh—bacon. [FOX Health]

The New Way to Boost Your VO2 Max: Scientists tested a few different interval workouts to see which is the most effective for boosting aerobic capacity. Here's the winner.

YouTube on the Move: Now you can edit your workout videos and run recaps on the go, thanks to YouTube's new editing suite for iOS. [The Daily Dot]

Get a Runner's High Without Running: Sure, it's possible. You just need to hotwire your brain. [Men's Fitness]

Lakes on Mars: The Red Planet was dotted with flowing lakes of regular old water billions of years ago, according to NASA's Curiosity Rover (which we still imagine looks like Wall-E). [NASA]

"C'mon Usain, Don't Be Scared of Me": DemarJay, the 8-year-old Jamaican fitness prodigy who became a viral hit with his "no weakness!" training routine, raced his hero Usain Bolt. We won't give away the ending. [Men's Fitness]