Star Power

He’s conquering the Billboard charts, starring in films, and gracing 9 million Instagram feeds. So yeah, Nick Jonas is the new generation of multitalented pop supernova—and he’s only getting warmed up. Read our interview with the star here.

Drink This!

Manhattan at Midnight

Like any guy at the bar, I have my go-to drinks. But when the winter wind starts blowing through Manhattan, it calls for something that’ll get rid of the chill in your bones. So when I asked Matt Jensen, the bar manager at my favorite West Village watering hole, The Spotted Pig, for his best new cold-weather warmer, he whipped up a brilliant variation of the Manhattan itself. He swaps out the vermouth for amaro (as in a black Manhattan), then combines it with a rinse of boozy herbal liqueur (as in a Sazerac). Rich, aromatic, textured, and undeniably herbal, it’s the perfect festive cocktail to spice up icy December nights. For the recipe, go here. And for more cocktails to heat up your holidays, go here.

Do This!

Put Your Fat Cells on Skid Row

As much as I love an early-morning run along NYC’s West Side Highway, an indoor cardio routine starts to look pretty good when my favorite path is covered in snow. And my favorite method for blasting fat and working my whole body? Rowing. From catch to drive to finish, a single pull hits your legs (they do about 60% of the work), core (about 20%), and arms (the other 20%). Try this a.m. routine to really scorch your system:

Warmup (5 min.)

- 2 min. easy effort
- 1 min. medium effort
- 1 min. hard effort
- 1 min. rest
- 5 min. alternating 30 seconds easy and 30 seconds hard

Wear This!

The Dress Shirt that Will Take You Places

You know that old saw about dressing for the job you want, not the job you have? It’s only half true: Once you get the job you want, stick with what works, man. Look at Mark Zuckerberg: gray hoodie, 24/7. Hell, Steve Jobs made a fashion statement out of black turtlenecks and dad jeans. But unlike the nerd kings of Silicon Valley, I’ve built my work uniform around the one dress shirt that looks equally at home in a San Jose startup or a Midtown Manhattan boardroom: Prada’s Slim-fit Stretch Cotton Blend Poplin Shirt ($495). Even right off the rack it fits me like a dress shirt should—the sewn-in darts take care of that—but the real game changer is Prada’s signature poplin fabric, which is so damn flexible, I’ve considered wearing it during a workout. A shirt that goes anywhere I do? That’s adaptability.

Check This!

Put On Your Game Face

If I had a dollar for every time a guy told me “I don’t need a watch, I have a smartphone,” I’d go start two more companies. Because they’re missing the point: Wearing a classy watch is a classy move—and, if you’re like me, a sign that you’re too busy taking business calls to use your phone as a clock. That’s why I track my New York minutes on my new Swiss-made Tiffany CT60 Annual Calendar 40mm ($20,000). For more on why it’s great, go here.

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