Being a celebrity has its advantages—mammoth paychecks, access to the hottest events, vacationing in the most exotic places—but it does come with a price, especially for women. The pressure to stay fit, young, and beautiful is enormous. Here, we reveal five leading ladies who define what it means to be in shape and healthy, not to mention incredibly sexy.

Blake Lively
Age: 23

The Hollywood lifestyle doesn't always lend itself to clean living, especially for stars in their early 20s. That's why we give Blake Lively all the credit for maintaining a healthy and toned physique. Granted, she has the luxury of good genes and a 21-year-old's metabolism, but the Gossip Girl star has also made good lifestyle choices. Her personal trainer has said that she has never been one to diet but she does watch what she eats by eliminating bad carbs.

Halle Berry
Age: 44

The oldest star on our list, Halle Berry has only gotten better with age. The iconic actress put an emphasis on fitness after the birth of her child, including hour-long workouts five times per week. Berry's trainer developed a routine that's comprised of three cardio segments, two circuit segments and one core segment. According to People magazine reports, the Academy Award winner's diet consists of "lots of vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates, as well as drinking a large quantity of water."

Cameron Diaz
Age: 38

No one lives up to the "No Pain, No Gain" mantra quite like Cameron Diaz. The blonde bombshell discovered her love for working out during the three-month martial arts training she received prior to the filming of Charlie's Angels. While Cameron puts in more than enough time in the gym, she also manages to keep her workouts fun by opting for outdoor activities, such as surfing, snow-boarding, and hiking.

Jennifer Aniston
Age: 42

Even though America's sweetheart hasn't had much luck in the love department, the ageless beauty continues to capture the hearts of men everywhere. So just how fit is Jennifer Aniston? Consider that she garnered national attention when she posed in nothing but a tie for the January 2009 cover of GQ magazine — one month shy of her 40th birthday. The former Friends star attributes her sexy figure to cardio workouts, yoga, and healthy eating.

Jessica Biel
Age: 29

Whether it was the famous bra scene in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry or the now legendary cover shoot for GQ magazine, Jessica Biel has shown us why she is the fittest female in Hollywood. Biel utilizes several methods of training during her workouts, including warm-up stretches, a half-mile jog, sprints, Plyometrics, and light weight training. The striking beauty is also a strong believer in eating only "clean foods" — that means absolutely no processed grub.

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