Trust me; it's more than her anthem-like all points bulletin "How to Make a Girl Feel" that will have most men standing at attention. It might have something to do with her subtle sex appeal, like the way her tight waist moves perfectly in a pair of designer jeans. Roc A Fella Records newly crowned princess, Teairra Mari, is definitely fly enough for a double take. But don't stare too hard, she's only 17.

It's hard, with those coy, 'don't let the age fool you', brown eyes but I suggest taking a picture and putting her on your wish list, because this forbidden fruit is definitely mouth watering. She would have to be, after all she was hand picked by Jay-Z himself, and he's won Grammy's simply for his taste in women.

On our first date... er, meeting, I was tempted as I sat across from Detroit's newest R&B hot girl. Her presence revealed just enough attitude and femininity to push all the right buttons on things that for the time being should just stay buttoned.

MFOnline: So on this new song of yours, you ask, "Are there any boys around that know how to make a girl feel good?" Has your prince charming surfaced yet?

Teairaa Mari: No not yet, I'm still single.

MF: But if someone were man enough to try to step to plate, how does one impress the "Princess of the Roc"?

TM: Just be you. I can hold my own so I don't need to be impressed with material items.

MF: What kind of guy turns your head?

TM: I like bad boys; I always have... someone with a little edge.

MF: Then it must have been a bad boy who was the inspiration for your music?

TM: Yea, I was in the studio and we were supposed to be writing a song about partying but I was going through it at the time with a guy I was talking to. I kept looking at my phone, wondering why he didn't call and complaining. That's how it all came together.

MF: And you still prefer bad boys?

TM: Yea, nobody raunchy but definitely no one sugar coated.

MF: So no book worms for you?

TM: Well, no.

MF: That makes sense, because you're publicly surrounded by some pretty intimidating guys. Are they like your bodyguards or big brothers?

TM: Like big brothers. They are over protective knowing that I can hold my own.

MF: Do you feel pressure as the lone female?

TM: I do, but it challenges me to be better, to work harder.

MF: So you're up for the job?

TM: Of course! (she giggles)

MF: Switching gears, let's play a game. Tell me which do you prefer, polish or perfume?

TM: Polish.

MF: Open toed shoes or cleavage?

TM: Open toes.

MF: Pant or Skirts?

TM: Skirts

MF: Tattoos or Piercing?

TM: Piercing, because I have I belly ring.

MF: Massages or Kisses?

TM: Massage

MF: Touch or tongue?

You don't think we would really go there - you dirty MF'ers... she's only 17!