Although she's working hard to stay one step ahead in the entertainment realm, actress and editor-at-large at Jolie Magazine, Vivica A. Fox believes if opportunities knocks -- answer quickly because second chances are slim. 'Devotion to the Motion' as described by Dancing with the Stars judges kept Viva la Diva in the top pick for weeks on the show. Fox heart-to-heart with MF writer Aleatrice Y. Dixson, shows she isn't a novice to the industry and opportunities help pay the bills.

MF: You've been acting for nearly two decades, you've even luanched your own production company, Foxy Brown Productions. What can we look forward to in 2007?

VAF: Foxy Brown Productions was inspired by Pam Grier, she's been an idol of mine since childhood. In conjunction with my manager, business partner and lawyer Lita Richardson, we have produced independent films including Motives and The Salon. Currently we are working on Motives 2, which will go straight to DVD.

MF: Actor Anthony Mackie was quoted as saying "There is never a job Vivica Fox would turn down." Considering that your latest film The Hard Corps seems a little different that your usual fare, what lead you to work with Jean Claude Van Damme?

VAF: I was finishing up the show Missing -- which I produced and starred. I was unavailable to do movies for quite awhile. When this opportunity came, it gave me a chance to do movies again.

MF: The expectation was seemingly higher in this movie due to the fact that Kill Bill showed your fighting side. More action less talk, what happened?

VAF: Others were too. People asked if I was fighting in this movie. It was a different side for people to see as well. She was a professional woman who had an interracial love affair. It was lovely too.


MF: Changing gears, now that Dancing with the Stars has given you the spot light to showcase your dance moves and be sexy at 42, are there any regrets that you didn't come out on top?

VAF: Great way for me to stay fit. I have no regrets. I enjoyed it. I trained with my dancing instructor on the show Nick Kosovich. Some days we would train for 6 hours a day depending on my schedule.

MF: There's been opposition regarding your participation with Dancing with the Stars, Do you believe this has helped your career?

VAF: It was another opportunity. People are entitled to their opinions. I see it as another way for me to meet people over at ABC. It was a blessing. A chance to get paid, get in shape and the show is watched by 30 million people twice a week.

MF: Self promotion Vivica.

VAF: People seldom look at the bigger picture. You go with what's happening. People can say what they are not going to do and will end up unemployed!

MF: What's the last job you turned down in Hollywood?

VAF: Noah's Arc. They wanted me to kiss a girl. Absolutely not!

MF: Now we know there's a job you would turn down.

VAF: I don't turn my nose up to opportunities. If my schedule permits and I'm free it's another connection and a chance for me to act. Nothing insulting or down right gritty. I got that from Samuel L. Jackson when we did Kill Bill. He had 3 lines. He just wanted to be in the movie. It's not always about me. I'm an actor and I love to act.

MF: With everything you have going on, how do you manage to eat well?

VAF: Lots of protein. I've eliminated cheese, bre

ads and carbs. All the wonderful things I enjoy. I can't wait to eat pizza again.

MF: At the end of the day after the long work days and strenuous exercise regimes, have you ever thought about plastic/cosmetic surgery?

VAF: No comment.