Men's Fitness: You played a "sexy nurse" in the Fantastic Four. How was that?

Maria Menounos: It was pretty unbelievable. It was my first feature, and I couldn't have picked a better icebreaker. I took 40 of my family members to see it at a local theater. It's pretty insane to see yourself up on the big screen and know that people are paying to watch.

MF: You're also in the new video game From Russia With Love. What's it like being a virtual Bond girl?

MM: It was super fun doing the voice, but also really different. You're there, and you have to imagine the scene because you're not physically playing it out. It's a lot of over-the-top yelling and screaming. But at least you don't have to deal with hair and makeup.

MF: What has been the high point of your journalism career? Ever get starstruck?

MM: I was 24 when I interviewed President Bush-that was a pretty exciting accomplishment. Madonna was a moment for me, because I've loved her music for so long. But with Johnny Depp . . . I was like, "Do I tell him I have a crush on him, or do I just hold it in?" Of course, I'm sitting there, and he puts his hand on my knee, so I tell him, "You're amazing, I think you're a great actor, and I've had a crush on you all my life. OK, let's start the interview!"

MF: We hear you're a big Red Sox fan.

MM: I am! Anything Boston: Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox. I've lived there most of my life. But I'm more of a contact-sport fan, like hockey and football. When football season ends, I get depressed.

MF: A sexy nurse who can break down a nickel defense? You're like the perfect girl.

MM: [Laughs] Yeah, I just got a new house, and it has tennis courts. Now I'm making plans to have basketball courts within it, I'm getting hockey nets, and I have all my guy friends ready to go. We'll have tournaments every week!