Hafþór Björnsson—aka The Mountain—has finished in the top three at the World’s Strongest Man Competition for the past five years. Now he’s ready to take the crown—and he's doing the prep work for sure.

The Icelander recently crushed some 617-lb squats at the gym leading up to the competition.

Also, while at the gym, he banged out a set of 440 lbs on the bench press:

The most incredible aspect to all this? The strongman claims those lifts are his warmups.

Björnsson is fresh off his victory at Europe’s Strongest Man, where he accomplished feats like pulling a two-tier bus and flipping some massive monster truck tires. 



For 2017, its fortieth year, the World’s Strongest Man competition will be returning to Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. The first round will take place between May 20-23, and the Grand Final will be May 27-28. The competition brings 30 of the world's most powerful brutes to tough it out and see who reigns supreme.