Waking up one day with superpowers can really change your life.  So can being on this season's breakout hit.  Find out how these TV Heroes are dealing with their newfound fame via an Evening with Heroes at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Hayden Panettiere > Claire Bennet

MF: What has the show done for your career?

CB: It’s been incredible. It’s amazing but it also in a way invites people into
your life and that’s not always a great thing. They try to knock you down
especially when you’re my age. You have to develop a thick skin, you have to
mature quickly, you have to have a sense of yourself and make sure you’re
surrounded by good people who are keeping your head on your shoulders.

MF: What's your hiatus plan?

CB: I just did a film called Fireflies in the Garden with Julia Roberts and
Willem Dafoe, Ryan Reynolds and Emily Watson. It was a blast. And my album
is almost done. There are a couple of other things in the works. We’ll see
what happens.

Masi Oka > Hiro Nakamura

MF: I hear you have two movies, Get Smart and Quebec.

HN: Yes. In Get Smart I’m playing one of the lab techs, a Q equivalent in a Bond
film, but our gadgets never work as intended. That’s kind of our gag. Quebec
is about two agents competing for a job, played by Jenna Fischer and Seann
William Scott and John C. Reilly, a good cast. It’s a dark comedy that Steve
Conrad is directing and writing and I play a realtor in it

Sendhil Ramamurthy > Mohinder Suresh

MF: What’s the most fun thing about playing this character?

SR: Getting to work with the other actors because my character is kind of like
the nexus of all these people. I’ve had the opportunity, which a lot of the
other actors haven’t because the storylines are self contained. So for me as
an actor what’s been the most fun is working with those guys.

MF: What has the show done for your career—offers?

SR: Yeah, I have a few things in the works. It’s all a question of scheduling.

MF: Hiatus plans?

SR: It’s not that big because they’re bringing us back early to circumvent a possible writers’ strike so it’s a lot shorter than it
normally would be. I’m going to do some travel, go to Europe—London and
Paris and Florence. And maybe Puerto Vallarta and just relax a little bit.

Leonard Roberts > D.L. Hawkins

MF: What are your plans for the break?

LR: I’m leaving for Italy in a few hours, early in the morning. Im going to hang
with two of my friends. We’re just gonna relax. I’m going to get a little
perspective on this crazy year. An opportunity came up, a small window, so
I’m jumping through it. We’re going back fairly early but I’m doing a side
project with Adrian [Pasdar], a musical he wrote and will direct at the
Geffen Playhouse. He’s directing and I’m playing a part in it. The show is
called Atlanta. It’s about racism and romance and the Civil War, so it
speaks a lot to what’s going on in America today.

MF: I know you’re workout buddies.

LR: We do a lot of cycling and working out when we can so it’s fun to do a
different kind of workout. I look forward to working with him in a creative
capacity. Our work time on Heroes was limited so it’s great to be able to
meet in different arenas and stretch

Jack Coleman > Mr. Bennet

MF: What has heroes done for your career, your profile and popularity?

JC: This has undeniably been a renaissance for me. Where it leads ultimately I
don’t know, but I’m enjoying the ride and frankly, I’m not worried about
where it leads to, I’m worried about where this is right now and I’m having
the best time on this show.