Wolverine is ready to retract his claws—or at least Hugh Jackman is.

After embodying the cigar-chomping superhero for over a decade, Jackman will make his final appearance in 2017's Logan. Over the years Jackman has sported a number of different costumes, different looks, and different versions of the adamantium-reinforced superhero, but one thing’s been a constant throughout: The Australian actor has always been in fantastic shape for the role. The new film offers a different take on the character, portraying a Wolverine who is older, weary, and more beat-up—but no less muscular.

Whether he's hitting the bench press hard, curling with some massive dumbbells, doing cable workouts, or ripping through clapping pushups—Jackman did at least 100 of them during one of his sessions—Jackman has always made sure he’s looking big enough to play Wolverine. From starring roles in X-Men and The Wolverine, to scene-stealing cameos in X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Apocalypse, Jackman has so totally embodied the role (more than a few people have nicknamed him "Huge Jacked-man") that it will be hard to see actor take over in the near future.

Here are some of Jackman’s fittest looks from his time as Wolverine before he hangs things up with Logan in 2017.