Brandon Boyd is pretty darn lucky. As the lead singer for the internationally known rock band Incubus, Brandon's life comes with amenities that the common man can only dream about. MF recently caught up with the rock frontman, and he clued us in on why his life rocks.

Men's Fitness: What inspired your new album, Light Grenades?

Brandon Boyd: When we make records its hard to pinpoint one thing that inspires a record. It's usually a number of different things that lead to inspiration or wanting to write something down and share it with someone. All those things come from the same place in our heart or minds, so when we get together as a band to write music, I'll write a melody and they will do the music. We sort of pick the best of the bunch.

There is a song called "Light Grenades," and if I were going to sum up that song conceptually it's the idea that most significant change in culture and humanity have happened as a result of advances in weaponry, which is interesting and devastatingly predictable as well. I would like to see a re-definition of what true change can be, so throwing weapons that are intellectually based as opposed to weapons that destroy. So it's like throwing ideas that explode with light, consciousness, truth and evolution. So were lobbing Light Grenades and they burst with the truth.

As a band we believe in Art as a force for change.

MF: You've evolved from this sort of slacker beach band, to a band with a conscience - is that accurate?

BB: No, to certain observers it would seem like that, to people who've been listening to our albums from the beginning, every album has a socio-political bent to it in some regard, and the people who have been following us, I think would tell you that. And the observation that we went political on our last record is from people who just caught on to us. It's interesting how a perception of a band can be misleading; it was a piece of us, not necessarily the whole picture?

MF: Has there ever been any backlash to the name Incubus?

BB: We started our band when we were 15 and in high school, and Mike and I just learned about the myth of the Incubus, and the mythical sprit that visited women in their sleep. When your 15 the idea of something like that sounds appealing, we tried to change our name when we got signed a number of times, but Incubus just stuck.

MF: I remember you guys had a wicked crib on MTV Cribs, you still have that place?

BB: No, we rented it to write and record as a whole. It ended up being an amazing experience, and I think that album Morning View captured that, and we were lucky enough to document that on tape.

It's funny, we did the MTV Cribs thing, and people are still like, "Dude, I love your house," and we were like squatting there. We had shitty mattresses pushed up in the corners of these bedrooms. At that time no one owned a house, so it was definitely a step up in our living situation.

MF: I know your a huge surfer, is that a trait that all the band members shares?

BB: Everybody surfs actually, I would say I am the most gung-ho obsessive of the band, I surf everyday that I am home. I grew up with Jose (Drummer) and Michael (Guitar), and we were surfing and skating together before we became a band - so the band thing was the next logical progression.

MF: What's next for you and the band?

BB: We start a US tour in January, and after that we do an international tour, and it's sort of the whirl wind part that starts now. So I am trying to get back into my exercise regime, I'm surfing more, twice a day instead of once. So get ready for the tour.