You probably haven’t had Jennifer Love Hewitt on your mind since last watching her and her bodacious bod in I Know What You Did Last Summer back in high school. But rest assured, your teenage crush is alive and well—and looking sexier than ever. The actress turns 34 today, but we're very happy to see she hasn’t lost a bit of the girl-next-door appeal that had us hooked in the 90s.

Our heads turned when we spotted Hewitt heating up the March cover of Shape magazine. Some unflattering tabloid pics may have plagued the Party of Five alum when she was photographed in 2007 wearing a bikini and carrying around a few extra pounds...but it looks like she’s gotten her sizzling hot body back.  And lucky for you, our friends at Shape were nice enough share these photos from the pages of this month’s issue. Feast your eyes on these pics, then for an even closer look check out this behind-the-scenes video from her recent photo shoot. Here's to you J Love! Happy Birthday and thank you for making all of our teenage fantasies that much hotter.