How would you describe your personal style?
I have always been conscious of it. To the point of homo- sexuality. No, I’ve always been style conscious, and I don’t know why. If I didn’t have anything cool to wear in fifth grade, I would just wear my karate uniform. This was as close as I could get to being awesome. I wouldn’t even wear the whole thing, I would just wear the top of the gi.

What do you feel most comfortable wearing?
Ah, you know, mostly birkas and some sort of a diaper. That’s the most comfortable because then I don’t have to go to the bathroom. I grew up in Seattle, so for a long time I was most comfortable in waterproof shoes and rain-coats. But being in Southern California, it’s usually 75 and sunny, so now it’s mostly just T-shirts and jeans. And one of many pairs of shoes I have. I’ve got a lot of shoes. I actually have a pair of combat boots that I love by Nice Collective.

In addition to dunking basketballs, lifting ridiculously large weights, and bending frying pans, what other feats of strength can you do that might impress our readers?
I am incredibly skilled at sleeping on planes. If I position myself correctly, then I can sleep a long time.That’s a feat of strength because a lot of people can’t sleep on planes. I can also open a bottle of wine faster than anybody. And I can decant it. That’s key—decanting it without spilling too much.

Everyone starts to get geared up for football this time of year. What do you remember from your football glory days at the University of Washington?
I walked on for two years. I wasn’t any good, but I made the defense look really good. I was on scout offense, so I would run the other team’s plays. The [Huskies’] defense thought they were really gonna kill the opposing offense that week because they were able to destroy me pretty quickly. In all seriousness, it was a great honor to be on that team.

What’s your workout regimen like?
I chase a 3- and 6-year-old around. Between Community, The Soup, stand-up, and movies, I usually just drop and do push-ups whenever I can. They say it’s the most complete body workout.

Is that how you get in shape for your nude scene on Community?
I knew two weeks out that I was gonna be naked. I was not that in shape. I had a couple of extra pounds. And some errant unwanted hairs. So that very night when I thought it was gonna happen, I did 200 push-ups. And then the next night I did 300 push-ups. I just kept going at it psychotically and not really eating. And then, you know, I had to do some trimming. It was a ‘You’re gonna be naked in two weeks’ regimen. I’ve never had a better motivator in my life.

What happens when you run into celebrities you’ve lampooned on The Soup?
I’ve never run into anyone who was mad at me. But then again, I’ve never run into Tyra Banks. They asked me, on The Today Show, ‘Why do you make fun of us all the time?’ and I was like, ‘Well, have you guys seen your show?’ So, I’m sure they’re annoyed by me. I feel like I take out reality shows much harder than celebrities. But every reality show star I’ve run into says, ‘Please, can you make more fun of me.’

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