The John Wick film series is one of the most original action franchises that Hollywood has ever seen.

After dominating the box office twice over—and with a third movie already on the fast-track with star Keanu Reeves—director Chad Stahelski, screenwriter Derek Kolstad, and producers Lionsgate want to do more: They want to bring the world of John Wick to the small screen.

With the lines between film and television blurring more and more each year, it seems natural that John Wick would move into the TV world. Now, it's really happening.

Starz, in partnership with Lionsgate, "is developing a television adaptation of the John Wick franchise, according to Variety. The series, which is currently titled, The Continental, "will focus on the 'inner workings' of the exclusive Continental Hotel, which serves as a refuge for assassins."

Per Variety: "Chris Collins will write the series and serve as showrunner, and the show will be executive produced by Thunder Road Pictures’ Basil Iwanyk, Chad Stahelski, Derek Kolstad, along with Collins, David Leitch and Keanu Reeves. Stahelski will direct the premiere episode."

Despite John Wick's (deserved) reputation as a violence-and-more-violence franchise, Reeves, Stahelski, and Kolstad have managed to build a surprisingly rich fictional world into the film series, revealing details of Wick’s extensive backstory and showing off the world of high-paid, expert assassins. No official date is set for the show yet, but Stahelski has started to reveal some details about what it’ll cover—and it sounds exciting.

Here’s all the reasons we can’t wait to watch—and what you should expect.