Kevin Hart will top at nothing until he has dominated every part of the entertainment industry.

Even if it means picking fights with Drake and Kanye.

The comedy colossus—or at least his alter-ego. "Chocolate Droppa"—released his new Motown Records single, "Baller Alert," on Monday. Featuring Migos and T.I., "Baller Alert" comes off What Now? (The Mixtape), the soundtrack to Hart's upcoming stand-up comedy tour-de-force, Kevin Hart: What Now?

And damn, did he drop the new single. The star of the October 2016 issue of Men's Fitness called out all the competition in a firebomb of a studio take.

"I'm takin' shots at all ya'll!" he shouted, red cup in hand, over a beat.


On 2 Chainz: "Walkin' around with 22 on yo' ass."

On Kanye: "Ye's got cheek implants."

On Drake: "Beard ain't real. That's a weave."

No one is safe from Chocolate Droppa's wrath: "My message to all of you rappers is to Duck because Droppa is coming out & he's shooting at everybody!" Hart wrote on his Instagram.

"I beef with ones that run from me," Hart told E! News. "I beef with the artists that don't respond to my calls. I beef with the artists that act like I don't exist. I beef with the artists that act like I'm not capable of taking back what's mine. And that's a long list, man."

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As for the origin of his stage name?

"You know, people ask me every day, ‘Where did Droppa come from? Where did the name Chocolate Droppa originate from?' When I was a kid, I loved Milk Duds. Eat ‘em by the pound. And one day them Duds got to my stomach. Had to make an emergency stop at the bathroom, and, ya know, I dropped off a bunch of little duds," he explained in an interview with E! News.

It's been a busy few months for our cover star. What Now? (The Mixtape) explodes into hearts and minds on October 7, followed a week later by the comedy event of the year, Kevin Hart: What Now? And in the meantime, he's mirroring David Beckham's H&M campaign, filming the Jumanji sequel with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, releasing his very own hilarious 'Kevmoji' app, and—of course—hitting the gym with his signature workout.

As Hart wrote on Instagram: "Aim high or don't aim at all!!!!! The road to greatness continues!!!!"

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