Committing to a brand new series is tricky business. There are a lot of unknowns: Will you love it? Hate it? Will you become completely addicted, spending every Wednesday evening glued to your viewing screen of choice? (C'mon, we've all done it.)

But after some advanced viewing of History's latest historical drama, Knightfall, we can swear on the Holy Grail that this is one that's worth your time.

Knightfall stars a bulked-up Tom Cullen as Landry, a Templar knight caught between his faith, a doomed brotherhood, and the increasingly secular world around him. Around him is everything you've been missing since the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale: Medieval battles of epic magnitude? Check. Political intrigue? Absolutely. The perfect balance of myth and history? Hell yeah.

But just in case you're still not ready to make the commitment, here's everything you need to know about Knightfall: plot details, the main players, and how Cullen got so jacked underneath all that chainmail armor. Oh, and there's this: Knightfall premieres December 6 on History.