When Armageddon comes, Ashton Kutcher wants to be fit enough to save his family. To get there, he trains hard and studies Krav Maga, an elite brand of hand-to-hand combat.

It's a warm October afternoon in Hollywood, and Ashton Kutcher is attacking a heavy bag with a vengeance usually reserved for boxers training for a prize fight. His focus is intense, his grimace demonstrative and mean. And he's sweating. A lot. It's sweat with a purpose—but not the purpose you might think. Within minutes of our meeting, Kutcher makes it perfectly clear that, for him, working out has nothing to do with being healthy, looking good for his next romantic comedy, or getting his long, lean frame (he's 6'3" and 195 pounds) jacked for a fierce action thriller.

He's not even trying to stay buff for Demi Moore, his gorgeous movie-star wife. No, Kutcher says he trains because he believes all hell is going to break loose someday, and when it does, only the meanest, smartest, and strongest will survive. He intends to be among them.

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