It's taken so long for Mya's fourth studio album to be released you would think Lauryn Hill was the producer! However, Mya is etched in stone to return with the new album Liberation, which hits stores October 23rd. A cool mix of Mya's sweet voice complete with production from Dr. Dre, Scott Storch and collaborations with Lil' Wayne. A glowing Mya sat down for a one on one with MF and discussed the new album, staying healthy, being a single woman and more.

MF: The new album is called Liberation. What have you been liberated from?

Mya: I've been liberated from experiences like my first single "Ridin'". I have a more optimistic way of thinking now and I trust myself a lot more, following those instincts we tend to ignore. Just a positive attitude, turning every negative in life as a reason, positive situation and motivation.

Will you have a dual disc or have a Liberation two CD set?

I'd love to. I don't think that would work at this time as far as producer points and all that break down is concerned...maybe a little expensive. [Laughs] But, definitely treats for the fans as far as re-releases of the album with new material—I think that's something we're going to do.

How would you describe yourself as a vocalist?

It really depends on the songs I'm singing. I have a lot of singles out there that are very simple. In my shows is where I get to display my range and passion. A lot of singles are catchy and very simple. That's what catches the average listener's ear, I don't personally think until now my vocal talent has been displayed in full. Maybe I think on "Lady Marmalade," which was probably shock value, but it was only just one verse where people kind of noticed that Mya has a voice. Plus, I'm a dancer so sometimes things can get washed out, but I'm a singer first. As far as a vocalist, it just really depends on the song that I'm singing, but I'm very passionate about every song that I sing on stage.

I'm sure you have a crazy schedule. What are some of the things you do to stay healthy?

Dieting, eating the proper things—I don't eat fried foods, no sodas. Carbonation is just really bad for you especially when you're a singer. No alcohol, no smoking, trying to stay away from second hand smoke. Working out is very important, but sleep is even more important. You don't necessarily have to get to a gym, I stopped making excuses for myself, but I do work out in my hotel rooms. That just consists of crunches, push-ups or dips off the side of a tub, chair or bed. It keeps me pretty toned and in shape. That's pretty much it, just watching what I eat, when I eat.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about Mya?

That I'm stuck-up. [Laughs] I'm not stuck-up at all. I'm very, very humble. I think that's been the biggest misconception.

You're single, what's your ideal partner?

I'm still trying to figure that out. I think you just have to be in it, but there are essentials as in respect and respect for women. I think I need a communicative partner, someone that's just not about the physical side of things. I think when you're young you can get caught up in that so much that what's really important at the end of the day, the spirituality, the emotional part of things get lost in the wash. A partner that uplifts you but also is real with and doesn't just tell you something you want to hear—not, yes ma'am. Someone that's real, but supportive at the same time and just a friend—that's really it at the end of the day. That's what I think attractiveness is all about once you get pass the surface.

Clay Cane is the creator of the urban pop culture site