The idea of a ridiculously hot chick like Lil' Kim locked away behind bars with a bunch of naughty female inmates actually makes us a wee bit sad. . . . Who are we kidding? That idea turns us on more than seeing her breasts covered (barely) with pasties during awards-show season.

So it's no surprise that MF recently sat down with the infamous raptress-before her recent prison bid-to discuss everything except making license plates. (We're not in the business of upsetting hot chicks.) Kim, whose album The Naked Truth is in stores now, lets us in on her fears and desires-which, incidentally, don't include getting naked.

What scares you?

I try not to be scared of anything or anyone. But there are times when I am walking down the steps at a show, like, "I am so scared, I don't want to break my neck in these heels."

But I am a God-fearing person, so I try never to let anything scare me to the point where I lose control and can't function or focus.

What's the hottest thing you've ever said on a track?

There are a few. There was a line on the Notorious K.I.M where I say, "I got my man's back, like a Jansport knapsack." Umm, "My cooter gets wetter than a shower cap." That's hot. There are a few of them, and a few things from "the Benjamins," and there are a lot of lines on this album (The Naked Truth).

Who's the most interesting person in your cell phone?

Jaime Foxx, O.J. . . . I don't want any of my other celebrity friends to get upset if I don't mention them. I have a few celebrity friends: Jamie Foxx is a good friend of mine, Patti LaBelle is like my godmother, Lisa Raye is a good friend. And Christina Milan just became a good friend. That's it.

Is there anything too provocative for Lil' Kim?

I mean, I could never perform naked onstage. That's crazy-I can't do that.

But didn't you "Get Naked" with Tommy Lee in his music video?

I meant onstage, see . . . I wasn't naked.