According to, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison built a gym in his Las Vegas pawn shop, stuck to a protein heavy diet, and got a little help from a Lap-Band—all in an effort to beat obesity. “I went and got a Lap-Band put in and the weight just started falling off,” Harrison tells PEOPLE. “It was like someone took a backpack full of rocks off you.” The star of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars, who used to weigh in at a hefty 365 lbs, also worked out five days a week and consumes several protein shakes per day. He’s now cut his weight down to 250 lbs and is no longer a prime candidate to be a diabetic. “I wake up in the morning and I'm not tired all day,” he tells PEOPLE. “I have more good days than bad days. My knees don't hurt. My hips don't hurt. My back doesn't hurt. I can run now. I have family that are diabetic and I've seen the hell it's put them through and I've told myself, I'm not going down like that.” We’re sold on that. Keep it up, Little Hoss!