It doesn't get any luckier than the charmed life of Kevin Federline. In a matter of three years Kevin Federline has went from “Britney’s baby daddy” to “K-Fed” to now “Fedex.” Nonetheless, Federline is frantically clawing at the scarred walls of fame attempting to make a statement with his new hip-hop album, Playing with Fire, which chaotically hit stores Halloween via his own label "Federation Records.”  When MF reached Federline, he was not afraid to tackle some of the controversy surrounding his promotional tactics. Days before the ferocious media firestorm of the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline divorce MF sat down with the self-proclaimed “America’s Most Hated.”

MF: Tell me about the direction you are going with this album.

Federline: Musically, it's pretty much upbeat, up-tempo -- I pretty much made all the records from the club. You won’t really find a slow joint on there, maybe one or two that you can really ride to in the car. “Privileged” is definitely one of those - that's what we got pushing to radio right now. You'll see a lot of me talking back to the media, and talking back about my situation because this is the way I have my voice.

MF: How important is it for the album to do well?

Federline: It's important because I want it to be heard, so it's very important. You know, album sales, yeah that's great and all that but I’m not doing this for the money. You know what I’m saying; I’m doing this for the love of the music. As long as the album is heard man, that's all I hope for. This is just my come out record -- this is my rookie album letting people know that I’m hear then albums to come I’ll really try to jump into the mainstream and battle for the spots and all that stuff. Right now I just want to be heard.

MF: What’s your background - where you raised in an urban environment?

Federline: Yes, definitely from the time I was eleven until ... for the rest of my life. It's been a part of me -- hip-hop culture all that has been a part of me. I remember my first N.W.A. record that I bought, my RUN DMC record that I bought back in the day, you know, I’ve been completely influenced by it. That's why I started dancing was because of hip-hop and the rapping at the same time.

MF: You are the self-proclaimed “America's Most Hated” -- where did that come from?

Federline: Man, I think that came from me taking the pop princess away from the world. You know what I mean, before that who knows ... whoever would've took that spot would've been hated. You know what I’m saying? People don’t want to see her with anybody else.


MF: The album is hip-hop, but did Britney have any influence on this album?

Federline: Other than the support, what she really gives me is more on the business side as an artist. She gives me constructive criticism, stuff that your wife should do. Other than that Britney is a pop artist.

MF: Do you have any regrets doing the reality show Chaotic?

Federline: No, not at all -- I think there was a lot of stuff going on at that time. They were talking bad about us and the media and all that - it was our way of showing people we really fell in love. It's not a joke...

MF: According to published reports your Atlantic City, NJ and Cleveland, Ohio shows were canceled due to poor tickets sales. Is there any truth to that or just bad reporting?

Federline: You know, I don’t know about Atlantic City ... Cleveland, I don’t think we were selling too much out there, but I haven’t been out there -- people don’t really know who I am. I don’t expect people to completely by into this until I get around and start doing what I do. You know, it's just the beginning... if they are going to let me have ten people at my show then I'm going to perform for ten people. If there's one person there I’m going to perform for them. You know what I mean? They can go run and tell everybody how good it was.

MF: You appeared on the WWF and CSI to promote the album. Do you think those things have helped you, or made people analyze you more?

Federline: I think that it has helped. I go in the ring and people are booing me and shit, but after I’m done you would think people hate me, but it's actually a turn around. They love to hate me in the ring but after that everyone is like you know what that was good. Everybody wants an autograph, you know what I mean, there's been a big turnaround with that.

MF: Any truth to the rumors that Britney tried to get you signed to Jive?

Federline: No man, I got my deal myself. I did everything on this album myself. I had no help from anybody.

MF: Do you feel like the media have been pretty vicious on you and Britney?

Federline: Of course! They've taken my private life and completely blown it out of proportion. You know, me and her, we are one of the worse -- we get it worse than a lot of people... It's all right ... we know how to handle it.

Kevin Federline’s debut album Playing with Fire is in stores now.