Actress Kristanna Loken is one tough cookie. She’s starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and vamped it up in the action flick BloodRayne. Now the hottie is track­ing down scum in the Sci-Fi Channel’s new show, Painkiller Jane.

MF: In your new show, your character, Jane Vasko, fights genetically enhanced supervillains. Is playing strong, ass-kicking characters a turn-on?

KL: I guess so. [Laughs] I mean, I think my height and my size have something to do with it. I’m almost 6' and 150 pounds, so I’m not a small woman. But I also think you can really use your physicality as an attribute in your life. And this happens to be kind of the right marriage for me.

MF: Do you do your own stunts?

KL: Yeah, I do. It’s definitely an action show. I have a dance background, so a lot of the stunt choreography is kind of like learning a dance with another person. I like the challenge of doing action work.

MF: When do you feel the sexiest?

KL: Well, certainly not after a 15-hour day! [Laughs] I’d probably have to say in the morning. There’s something that’s very sexy about waking up and the morning light.

MF: Do you consider yourself a romantic?

KL: Absolutely! The older I get, the more I realize that there’s so much beauty in just the simplicity of a cozy night in.

MF: How would you describe the perfect first date? What does it take to impress you?

KL: I like them to pick me up; there’s something very chivalrous about that. To be taken out to a nice dinner at a romantic spot—because I like to eat! [Laughs] I’m not one of these girls who doesn’t like to eat. It has to be good food, though, maybe several courses! And I like my dates to pick up the tab. I’m always getting stuck with the bill, so it’s nice to be treated once in a while. What lady doesn’t like that? After that, the rest of the evening... that depends on how much I’m into the person.

MF: We hear you’re also playing a single mom involved in a same-sex relationship for the current season of The L-Word (on Showtime). Why do you think guys are so turned on by two women getting it on?

KL: Women are beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to see two beautiful women being intimate together? It’s definitely a guy’s fantasy—but I think it could be kind of threatening to men as well. They’ve got to worry, “Maybe she’s enjoying that a little too much.” [Laughs]