When we think of Lucky MFer's male models usually don't come to mind. But when you think about it, they have an incredibly high potential to date and mate with hot female models - so we revised our thinking. At 23-years-old male model Wallie Jurish, is probably one of the luckiest. In addition to the aforementioned hot dates, his career is moving briskly with a recent role in a John Mayer video, and layouts in magazines like Floss and Ballroom Rockstar. So yeah, he's a Lucky MF'er.

MF Online: What makes you a lucky MF'er?

Wallie: Wow, I guess I do keep in shape, and I value my health and what my body looks like. I want to always be able to play sports, and not be unhealthy. According to some of the women in my life I have a pretty good body, so I guess that makes me lucky.

MF: How do you stay fighting form?

Wallie: Basically, before I go to bed or in the morning, I am always doing push ups, and crunches. Whenever they pop into my head. I am always playing team oriented sports, I went to Lancaster Bible College, and I got a degree in youth ministry. So I am always playing basketball, football, and soccer to keep in shape.

Surfing always keeps me in shape, your battling waves trying to get out there. You don't think of it as stressful or hard, but paddling all the time trying to get out over the waves, besides being a good cardio workout it's also good for your chest, arms and back. So that keeps me in shape.

MF: Anything specific that you eat?

Wallie: Well I can tell you what I don't eat. I don't drink pop, or anything with carbonation, or anything with caffeine altogether. In regards to food, I make sure I have fruit everyday. I am a big fan of bananas, so I get a big bundle and try to get one or two in a day. And I always try to get a vegetable in a day, but in regulating I try to eat what I want, and work it off.

MF: Did you have a nickname growing up?

Wallie: Wally is my nickname, because my real name is Wallace. Some people called me Wedge, because my initials spelled WEJ, but basically that's it.

MF: You're most annoying personal habit?

Wallie: I speak what's on my mind. I don't think often, if the thought hits me I go ahead and say it. Sometimes, it gets on my nerves cause I want to take stuff back.

Wallie JurishMF: What reality show would you do if given the chance?

Wallie: Not Real World or Road Rules, but the challenges. I would have love to have been on that.

MF: Well you know you have to do the Real World or Road Rules to get on that show?

Wallie: Well, that's still my favorite part, when they get together and battle it out. But if I had to choose one, I guess Road Rules.

MF: What did you do last night?

Wallie: I was at work until 11pm, and then I came home and went to bed... So that's a horrible answer, makes my life seem real fun... yeah.

MF: If we drug tested you what would we find?

Wallie: Nothing, I never tried any type of drug in my life, and I have no desire. I haven't even tried a muscle builder or that type of stuff.

MF: Date deal breaker?

Wallie: Not talk. I hate when people are not communicating. I you have to entertain them when you're not getting feedback. So that's a huge deal breaker. Drives me insane.