Gentlemen, you are now officially permitted to be jealous of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. If you weren't already, that is.

On Monday, Johnson introduced the world to model/actress Kelly Rohrbach, a.k.a. the "walking smoke stack" (his words!) who will be taking up the role of C.J. Parker—originally made famous by Pamela Anderson—in the upcoming Baywatch movie. And damn if Rohrbach doesn't fit the bill (and the bathing suit).


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Interestingly enough, on the very same day that Rohrbach made a guest appearance in the Rock's Instagram feed, the news broke that she was splitting up with Leonardo DiCaprio. We're not gonna pretend to predict her tastes in potential boyfriends, but considering Leo had one of Hollywood's foremost dad bods (hopefully eradicated for his new role in The Revenant) and the Rock is, well, the Rock, we'll call that trading up.


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The Baywatch reboot, which also stars Zac Efron as Johnson's petulant sidekick, is billed as a self-aware action/comedy. It's also supposedly aiming for a "hard-R" rating, although we're betting it's not because of any shark attacks.


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Rohrbach joins Alexandra Daddario, who co-starred alongside Johnson in San Andreas (and in that famous topless scene from True Detective). Daddario will take up the mantle of Summer Quinn, who was originally played by (the blonde) Nicole Eggert in the original Baywatch TV series. In other words, bro, you will buy tickets to see this movie.


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It wasn't a bad day for Johnson, either—he's the new face of Under Armour's new Healthbox, a "connected fitness system" designed to track "how you feel" in the finest detail.


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